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30 March 2014

Lic Enrique Peña Nieto
Presidente Constitucional de los
Estados Unidos Mexicanos


We who sign this letter are women and men who love Mexico. We are farmers, workers, students, business people, and researchers. Mexico’s diversity and peoples’ solidarity is reflected in us. On directing this letter to you, we are thinking about the future of our country and of humanity. In the first place, we are concerned for the health of our children.

We are convinced that transgenic corn is bad for Mexico. The transnational corporations that promote these seeds are seeking to make money. For us the health of our bodies and the health of the land do not have a price. We know that transgenic maize will contaminate our native maize varieties cultivated in Mexico. We know this contamination cannot be remedied once it starts. We know that this contamination signifies profit for a few, with a high cost for the majority of Mexicans.

Dr. David Schubert is an eminent researcher with international prestige. His experience permits him to understand the long-term effects of transgenics. He sent you a letter in October of last year to explain why Mexico should not approve the planting of transgenic maize. We ask you to listen to the words of scientists as respected as Dr. Schubert. And on reviewing the reasons provided by science, we ask that you also listen to the voice [sic] of indigenous communities, the voice of the farmers and the voice of the people in the cities who do not want these seeds. We reject transgenics because to contaminate our maize is to injure the heart of Mexico.



Maestro Francisco Toledo

Founder of PRO-OAX

Arq. José Márquez

President, PRO-OAX

- La postura del Dr. David R. Schubert contra el maíz transgénico (Spanish).

- Letter from Dr. David R. Schubert President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto.


1. Laura ZentenoBiólogaPuebla
2. María del Pilar Mora DopazoInvestigadorCiudad de México
3. Elena Roces DorronsoroCientíficoColima
4. Sergio Adrián Montero CruzCientíficoColima
5. José Ricardo Cuéllar PérezEstudianteColima
6. Diego García OsorioAcadémicoCiudad de México
7. Erika MéndezTesistaVeracruz
8. Leticia Sánchez JacintoAgroecologaOaxaca
9. Alejadra Straffon DíazEstudianteCiudad de México
10. María Elena Álvarez-Buylla RocesInvestigadoraMéxico D.F.
11. Verónica Ortega AdameQuímica Ciudad de México
12. Mario González HernándezIngeniero QuímicoDistrito Federal
13. Luis García BarriosCientíficoChiapas
14. Nayeli Sánchez-GuevaraBióloga Prof universitaria Cuernavaca Morelos
15. Carolina Ureta SánchezCientíficaDistrito Federal
16. Gabriela García Fdz. Del CampoProfesionistaOaxaca
17. José Antonio Serratos HernándezCientíficoDistrito Federal
18. Emmanuel González-OrtegaCientíficoDistrito Federal
19. Patricia Colunga-García MarínCientíficaMérida
20. Areli FloresProfesionistaOaxaca

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